Economic specialisms, cost benefit analysis, value for money

I have strong development economics sector specific expertise in:

  • Health economics (reproductive maternal and child health, animal health and anti microbial resistance, malaria, tropical diseases, HIV, nutrition, animal health and antimicrobial resistance)
  • Public financial management
  • Trade economics (regional trade in West Africa)
  • Environmental economics (climate change in particular – mitigation and adaptation in developing countries, water, conservation agriculture)
  • Economics of education 
  • Macroeconomic growth and livelihoods
  • Industrial economics – UK competition policy, UK  telecoms regulation market mechanisms and incentives based instrument design
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Value for Money… 

I have extensive experience and  knowledge of VFM, having worked in this field since 2010.  My focus is bringing out the value element of programmes during M&E by bringing in the cost dimension to evaluations and programme design choices. I have a very strong foundation quantitative rigorous cost benefit analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, return on investment. I also often take a more holistic and creative approach, especially in behaviour change and less tangible projects. In these cases mixed methods is often more appropriate.

Recent and current consultancies  include:

  • DFID Infrastructure professional cadre – VFM guidance note for infrastructure programmes – (Co-author 2012)Measure Maximize VfM in Infrastructure ASI
  • DFID Southern Africa – Africa climate change programmes VFM metrics – focusing on energy sector programmes including renewables infrastructure, mitigation for on and off grid solutions and adaptation (2011)
  • Contribution to DFID cash transfers VFM guidance paper
  • DFID Afghanistan: VFM metrics for education, livelihoods and governance programmes for their internal strategy on VFM.
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