Economic specialisms, value for money

Valsa has strong development economics sector specific expertise in:

  • Health economics (reproductive maternal and child health, malaria, tropical diseases, HIV, nutrition)
  • Environmental economics (climate change in particular, water, conservation agriculture)
  • Economics of education
  • Macroeconomic growth and livelihoods
  • Industrial economics – UK competition policy, UK  telecoms regulation market mechanisms and incentives based instrument design
  • cost benefit analysis, social return on investment, cost effectiveness analysis, design and options appraisals.

SF and LA 20007 186 copy

Value for Money… 

Valsa is one the world’s thought leaders in VFM analysis within the development field, her focus is bringing out the value element of programmes during M&E by bringing in the cost dimension to evaluations and programme design choices.

Recent and current consultancies  include:


  • SIDA and ICRC value for money guidance note  (2013)
  • DFID Infrastructure professional cadre – VFM guidance note for infrastructure programmes – (Co-author 2012)Measure Maximize VfM in Infrastructure ASI
  • DFID Southern Africa – Africa climate change programmes VFM metrics – focusing on energy sector programmes including renewables infrastructure, mitigation for on and off grid solutions and adaptation (2011)
  • Contribution to DFID cash transfers VFM guidance paper
  • DFID Afghanistan: VFM metrics for education, livelihoods and governance programmes for their internal strategy on VFM.


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