We have strong expertise in the economics of climate change, Valsa Shah was an an economic adviser at the Department for Energy and Climate Change from 2008 to 2010. Recently she led on the inception phase of low carbon sector as part of the International Climate Fund Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning team (MEL) using realist theory based evaluation approaches.

Other consultancies undertaken by VSC-Econoimcs Ltd.  have included  designing and evaluating programmes  on off grid energy solutions, leading the M&E on a climate resilient infrastructure programme, the design and appraisal of a water management and conservation agriculture in Southern Africa; evaluation and design of a regional water cooperation and governance programme in South Asia (DFID, World Bank).


Valsa’s role in DECC involved advising on the role of the private sector in global carbon finance, in terms of instrument design for carbon crediting, REDD,  CDM projects,  expertise on EU ETS and  detailed carbon valuation techniques. She also advised extensively on the UK Climate Change Agreements and the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment. 

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