Health, education and gender empowerment

Health economics  – 

Valsa Shah has strong experience in  design and appraisal techniques in:

  • Reproductive health supply chains with private sector solutions
  • Malaria prevention
  • HIV treatment and prevention
  • Other tropical diseases such as blindness.  


Consultancies include:

Programme design and appraisal for various  health supply chains for commodities; family planning service delivery in Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania and Ghana; HIV prevention in Central Asia; maternal health in Ethiopia, malaria prevention in Kenya, prevention of blindness in South Pacific  (clients DFID, Gates Foundation, Marie Stopes International, AUSAID).

Gender and women’s empowerment –  we have expertise in

  • The economics of behaviour change and women’s empowerment 
  • Gender issues across all sector programming
  • Adolescent girls platforms and action research 

Picture 056

Current and recent consultancies include:

  • Ongoing Adolescent Girls Initiative Action Research Programme (AGIARP)
  • programme design, appraisal for adolescent girls platforms in Kenya, Zambia, Northern Nigeria (2012 to 2013);
  • behaviour change and women’s empowerment in Northern Nigeria
  • mainstreaming gender outcomes in infrastructure programming for PIDG (private Infrastructure Development Group)  2012  (Clients  – DFID, Population Council, Girl Hub, PIDG)

Economics of education  –  we have expertise in

  • Secondary school and primary school benefits
  • Adult skills learning 


Consultancies include the quality assurance of programme design in Sindh education (Pakistan 2012),  appraisal of the Afghan reconstruction Trust Fund education component (2011)


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